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DK-START-GW1N4 development board adopts GOWIN LittleBeeTM FPGA family products, with features of low-power, instant start-up, high security, low cost, easy extension, which can effectively reduce the learning cost and help users quickly access to the design and development of programmable logic devices.


Integrated with two GPIO ports and two LVDS ports, DK-START-GW1N4 development board provides a hardware evaluation and test platform with high-integration and stable operation performance via flexible VCCO regulation (3.3V, 2.5V, and 1.2V). In addition, the development board also offers a slide switch, key switch, clock, LED, etc, which can be used by developers or hobbyists.


With abundant GPIO resources, the development board can be used as the main board to design image-sampling systems and the other related systems by combining with video daughter boards; system design of motion control can be achieved by combining with AD/DA industrial daughter boards; human-computer interface and image processing can be realized by combining with display daughter board.


Documents Download
Demo DK-START-GW1N4(9K)LED_blink_test Download
Demo DK-START-GW1N4(4K)LED_blink_test Download
Demo DK-START-GW1N4(1K)LED_blink_test Download
DBUG353-1.04E DK-START-GW1N4 User Guide Download