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Accelerate Customers Innovation
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PROGRAMMING THE FUTURE – At GOWIN, we always strive to Accelerate your Innovation with our Programmable Solution while staying within your power and cost targets.

Market Solution
Product Life Cycle Management
A product lifecycle is typically defined by four main phases: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.   GOWIN Semiconductor designs products and creates the supporting supply chain with the clear intent to support a minimum 15+ year lifecycle, starting from the first production release. GOWIN Semiconductor parts are used extensively in numerous applications that require a long operational lifetime, and therefore, GOWIN Semiconductor makes a strong commitment to the product life cycle. With this commitment, although the minimum lifecycle is 15 years, customers will see that the majority of families will be supported much longer. The longevity of GOWIN Semiconductor products is comparable or longer to other major FPGA suppliers.   In the case of a last-time buy, GOWIN Semiconductor does follow the JEDEC standard
AI Edge (20201005)
AI and Edge Computing
The simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition and machine vision.
Connected to the Future.  From Gbps Ethernet to 5G, GOWIN offers full product portfolio of low power, high-speed interface and small footprint FPGA to meet communication equipment makers’ demand on time-to-market and reduce total...
Smart, Connected and Green! Industry 4.0 requires machines to be intelligent, connected and energy saving.  Our low power, embedded DDR/SDRAM and high performance DSP , GOWIN FPGA enables industrial manufacturers from industrial...
Intelligent, Connected and Safe! Smart and safe driving are today automotive market trends and Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) requires more sensors to be connected in car. GOWIN FPGA provides high IO counts in small form factor...
Accelerate your Innovation.  Product differentiation and time-to-market are the critical success factors in today high competitive consumer marketplace.  GOWIN’s low cost, high performance FPGA with our on-the-shelf IP solutions is the answer...
Visual, Portable and Reliable. The semiconductor contents continue to increase in medical devices and systems as the emerging technology of MEMS and sensor.  Higher resolution of image sensor drives increased resolution, larger size and...
Cloud Computing and Data Centers
High Performance and Programmability. The emerging cloud computing market drives higher performance and programmability of computing and storage devices in data center everyday. With abundant logic and DSP resources, GOWIN AroraTM ...