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GW1NRF – Bluetooth FPGA

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The GW1NRF Bluetooth FPGA is the first uSoC FPGA to offer a built in Bluetooth transceiver to wirelessly communicate data.  The device offers a full Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy stack, a low power 32-bit ARC processor, power management with a 5nA power disable mode, step up/down DCDC regulator for powering the device directly with a battery in addition to the standard FPGA features expected from the GOWIN Littlebee family.



Product Overview

- Bluetooth LE 5.0 Transceiver
- 32-Bit Microprocessor




The GW1NRF-4 opens up an entirely new set of applications that were previously not possible in a single device.  For example, camera interfacing and processing is now possible with the Bluetooth device in a singular 6x6mm QFN48 package, due to the flexible IO and logic array of the FPGA.


Microphone arrays for beam forming and noise cancellation applications are now possible.  The number of I2S microphone ports can be expanded beyond what many microprocessors have available.  Data and results can then be transferred to another system via Bluetooth.

LED arrays and lighting control are now possible with individual processing engines using the microprocessor and FPGA fabric.


Motor control can be performed with multiple feedback control loops for multiple motors within the FPGA fabric and control using the 32-bit ARC microprocessor.  Many motors can now be controlled via Bluetooth using a single device.


Documents Download
User Guide GW1NRF_Getting_Started_v1 (zip) Download
White Paper White Paper of Wireless Edge Connectivity with Bluetooth Integrated FPGAs Download
User Guide GW1NRF series of Bluetooth FPGA Products Package and Pinout User Guide Download
Data Sheet GW1NRF series of Bluetooth FPGA Products Data Sheet Download
Pinout GW1NRF-4B Pinout Download