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USB 2.0 Interface Solution

GOWIN now offers multiple USB interface solutions including a USB v2.0 soft PHY and USB v2.0 Device Controller (SIE).  The USB 2.0 interface solution is supported on all GOWIN FPGAs (with exception to the 1NZ) providing a line rate of 480Mbps in USB High Speed mode.  The USB PHY and Device Controller allows GOWIN FPGA designers to easily integrate USB connectivity to their end products without the need for additional silicon ICs or devices.  GOWIN’s USB solution is useful for virtually every market segment including consumer, automotive, industrial and communications.


GOWIN provides USB solutions for v1.1 'Full Speed' and 'High Speed' v2.0 modes.  USB v1.1 operates with a line rate of 12Mbps, which is suitable for control and configuration type applications.  USB v2.0 operates with a line rate of 480Mbps, which is used for data streaming applications.


USB rate table updated


GOWIN's USB IP's are available in the latest version of GOWIN EDA's IP core generator, which provides a configuration GUI for the PHY as well as the device controller.  Once the IP is generated with the desired configuration the PHY and device controller can be instantiated in a design to provide one or more USB interfaces.  Please note, external PCB requirements are needed for this IP to work properly.

Self Photos / Files - USB UI software


To evaluate the USB v2.0 Soft PHY and Device Controller IPs, GOWIN provides a USB v2.0 reference design targeting the DK-Start USB 2.0 GW2AR18 development board.  The board provides a USB connector along with appropriate trace matching and circuitry to communicate data over USB at High Speed data rates.  The reference design configures the device controller as a VCP (Virtual COM Port) and initializes with native USB serial device drivers on Microsoft Windows and Linux.  The reference design provides an example of a USB to UART bridge with a loop back on the UART data.  Data is transmitted from a computer’s USB port to UART TX and then looped back from UART RX to USB to return the same data back to the computer.  Using a serial port terminal program, developers can type characters on their computer and have it returned to them in the console window.


Self Photos / Files - USB board and virtual com


Documents Download
User Guide Gowin USB 2.0 SoftPHY Slim IP User Guide Download
Reference Design Gowin USB 2.0 Device Controller RefDesign Download
User Guide Gowin USB 2.0 Device Controller User Guide Download