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  Title Category Doc No. Version Released Format
PCN-20201201-009 Second supplier of package alloy wire added PCN PCN-20201201-009 21/12/2020 PDF
PCN-20201102-008 QFN32L(0404X0.55-0.40)(A) Package leadframe change PCN PCN-20201102-008 04/12/2020 PDF
PCN-20201101-007 QFN(1010-0.40)088 Package leadframe change PCN PCN-20201101-007 04/12/2020 PDF
PCN-20200901-004_PBGA484 Packing Specification Change of PBGA484 Package Product PCN PCN-20200901-004 28/10/2020 PDF
PCN-20200902-005 Resistance is integrated in the C version of GW2A-LV18PG256S PCN PCN-20200902-005 14/10/2020 PDF
PCN-20191104-007-Device GW2A_R_-55C Added PCN 20191104-007 21/07/2020 PDF
PCN-20191103-006-Device GW2A_R_-18C Added PCN 20191103-006 21/07/2020 PDF
PCN-20191102-005-Device GW1N_R__9C Added PCN 20191102-005 21/07/2020 PDF
PCN for GW2A-LV18LQ144/ GW2AR-LV18LQ144changing to GW2A-LV18EQ144/ GW2AR-LV18EQ144 PCN 20180601-001-01 28/04/2020 PDF
PCN-20190601-001(GW2A-LV55PG484 series of products) PCN 20190601-001 28/04/2020 PDF