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IP and Reference Design


The DK_START_GW5AT-LV138FPG676A_V2.0 development board is designed for various applications, including high-speed data storage using DDR3, high-speed communication tests based on MIPI, LVDS, SERDES, FMC, and the evaluation of the GW5AT-138 series of FPGA functions. It is also suitable for hardware verification, software learning, and debugging.

The board uses the GW5AT-LV138FPG676A FPGA device, which is a part of the Gowin GW5AT series of FPGA products. This series includes abundant internal resources, high-performance DSP with a new architecture that supports AI operations, high-speed LVDS interface, and abundant BSRAM resources. The FPGA device also integrates self-developed DDR3 and 12.5Gbps SERDES, which support multiple protocols and come in a variety of packages. With its low power consumption, high performance, and compatibility design, the Arora V FPGA products, which are manufactured using 22nm process technology, are suitable for low-cost, high-speed applications.





  • FPGA Device
    • The development board uses the GW5AT-LV138FPG676A FPGA device, which is the fifth generation products of Gowin Arora family.
    • Max. user I/O: 376
  • Download and Boot
    • Integrate download module on the board, download through USB 2.0 cable
    • External Flash boot
    • The DONE light is on after loading
  • Power
    • External DC 12V 2A Power
    • The POWER light is on after power on
    • The board generates 0.9V, 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V power supplies
    • The board generates power supplies required for FMC interfaces, MIPI interfaces, and SFP interfaces.
  • Clock System
    • 50MHz clock, 100MHz clock, 200MHz clock, programmable clock
  • Memory Device
    • 4Gbit DDR3 SDRAM
    • 128Mbit Quad SPI FLASH Memory
  • SFP/SFP+ Interface
    • 2 compact pluggable SFP+ connectors that receives SFP or SFP+ modules
  • MIPI Interface
    • The interface includes 10 pairs of differential signals including 2 pairs for clock and 8 pairs for data, 34 single-ended signals, power supply, and GND.
    • Use connector with 80 contacts and 0.5mm pitch
  • FMC Interface
    • 58 pairs of differential signals: 34 pairs of LA (LA00-LA33); 24 pairs of HA (HA00-HA23)
    • 4 pairs of GTP transceivers
    • 2 pairs of GTP transceiver reference clocks
    • 2 pairs of external input differential reference clocks
    • 159 GNDs and 15 power connections
    • Use 400pin HPC FMC connector with 1.27mm pitch
    • Differential signals of 3 lanes are channeled to the 20pin double rows with 2.00mm pitch
  • XADC Module
    • The interface uses 2*4pin pin
    • The XADC differential input is designed with an anti-aliasing filter
  • PCIe x4 Interface
    • The overall dimension of the PCIe card conforms to the standard PCIe card electromechanical specification and can be used directly on a normal PCIe x4 slot
    • The transceiver signals of PCIe interface are directly connected to the GTP transceivers of FPGA 
  • Debug Module
    • 4 Keys
    • 4 LEDS
GW5AT Board Pic v2.0
Documents Download
User Guide DK_START_GW5AT-LV138FPG676A_V2.0 Development Board User Guide Download
Schematic DK_START-GW5AT-LV138FPG676A_V2.0_SCH Download