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The TCON board, also known as the logic board, can control the timing of the PANEL (liquid crystal screen) and when scanning drive circuit starts, as well as can convert the input video signal (such as LVDS signal) into the data signal used by the data drive circuit (such as the mini-LVDS signal or RSDS signal), then the signals are transmitted to the data drive circuit (COF IC), and the data drive circuit is controlled to turn on timely.


The LVDS7:1 received LVDS4:1 bridge reference design is mainly used in the TCON board. The data interface uses standard low voltage differential signal (LVDS) I/O to convert the input LVDS video signal into the LVDS data signal used by the data drive circuit. The 1080P motherboard drives the 4K2K LCD screen.


  •  Complies with LVDS, mini LVDS interface standards
  •  Uses low voltage differential signal
  •   Supports high-speed, low-noise, long-distance, high-accuracy data transmission