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AI and Edge Computing


Low power, small form factor gate array programmability can be used to develop emerging edge computing applications. With abundant logic and DSP resources, GOWIN AroraTM and Littlebee TM FPGA families are designed for accelerating computing performance through parallel and pipelined processing.  Gowin’s GoAI platform integrates industry AI frameworks with GOWIN EDA tools to compile and deploy machine learning models on GOWIN FPGAs for inference without the need for network connectivity.  Gowin’s GW1NRF device is the world’s first wireless FPGA with an embedded Bluetooth Low Energy Transceiver making it great for remote control and monitoring of embedded systems.  Protecting edge computing devices is growing in importance to ensure firmware is protected from modification and communication paths are authenticated.  GOWIN addresses security through its SecureFPGA device, which provides a PUF (Physically Unclonable Function) based RoT (Root of Trust) to protect embedded systems.

GoAI Poster (20200827) for Korea-01
GoAI 2.0
GOWIN GoAI provides a complete artificial intelligence solution for performing inference with convolutional neural networks in edge and IoT systems.   Click here to learn more.  
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SecureFPGA (1)
SecureFPGA is targeted for endpoint and server management applications utilizing built-in security functions to eliminate the rise of security attacks and breaches in edge computing.   Connected devices in our day to day lives are the new norm.  However, with the growth of these devices comes the increased threat to steal data and impair edge and IoT platforms.  Attacks on connected utility monitoring systems, automated factories, and automobiles are becoming everyday occurrences.  To stop these kinds of attacks a secure root of trust at the edge, followed by secure authentication techniques to connect to the cloud is required.   GW1NSE SecureFPGA products provide a Root of Trust based on SRAM PUF technology. Each device is factory provisioned with a unique key pair that is never exposed outside of the device.  This widely applicable feature can be used for a variety of consumer and industrial IoT, edge and server management applications.   Click here to learn more about GW1NSE SecureFPGA series    
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GW1NRF Bluetooth FPGA
Edge computing is requiring new demands on programmable devices.  With significant variances in product requirements, GOWIN is paving the way for innovation with a variety of new features integrated within their next-generation FPGAs.    The GW1NRF Bluetooth FPGA product features FPGA fabric, a power optimized 32-bit microprocessor, a power management unit capable of power as low as 5nA and a Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy radio.  This extends the capabilities of Bluetooth devices by adding the flexible IO and heterogenous computing capabilities of the FPGA.   Click here to learn more about our GW1NRF Bluetooth FPGA series  
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Arm DesignStart FPGA Program
GOWIN participates the Arm DesignStart™ FPGA program, offering embedded developers a no license fee, no royalty access model to use Arm Cortex®-M processors for enabling FPGA projects with proven Arm IP and software products.   Click Here for link to GOWIN DesignStart FPGA Webpage      
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