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Gowin Semiconductor has been manufacturing automotive grade FPGA devices since 2018. The chip architecture and module design utilizes design specifications, wafer casting, packaging and testing standards which are strictly in accordance with automotive-grade requirements. GOWIN partners with world class manufacturers such as TSMC and ASE to ensure best-in-class product reliability to serve the automotive markets.

Gowin AEC-Q100 automotive qualified devices are in production, which are ideal for interfacing and bridging of camera and displays in ADAS, 360 surround view, infotainment and LCD dashboard applications as well as electrical system control, monitoring and management.  This is due to Gowin FPGA’s high IO count and flexible high speed interfacing capabilities as well as the ability to develop custom systems within a single chip to reduce total BOM costs.


Gowin Automotive Qualified FPGA Product Table

Parameter GW1N-LV4 A4
GW1NZ-1 GW2A-LV18 A6
LUT4 4,608 1,152 20,736
Flip-Flop(FF) 3,456 - 15,552
Block SRAM (bits) 180K 72K 828K
User Flash(bits) 256K 64K -
18 x 18 Multiplier 16 - 48
PLLs 2 1 4
I/O banks 4 - 8
Core Voltage (LV) 1.2V 1.2V 1.0V
Packages QN88 PG256 QN48 QFN88 BG256
# User IO 70(11) 207(32) 40 66(22) 207(73)


Use Case Examples

360 Surround View

360 Surround View solutions often utilize four or more cameras to enable perspective viewing of all sides of the vehicle. 

Gowin FPGAs can be used to capture and merge camera image data and/or perform the 360 view processing.


LCD Dashboard and Infotainment

Many automotive displays are irregular in size and are custom to vehicle design.  As a result, the video stream to drive these displays will be unique, may use different interfacing types and may require special buffering or frame rate adjustment.


Gowin FPGAs provide the flexibility to interface to virtually any type of display and manipulate the video stream to target the variety of cases demanded in today’s vehicles.


Electrical system control, monitoring

and diagnostic management

The flexibility and high IO count as well as the always-on, fast booting capabilities of Gowin FPGAs make it ideal for in-cabin control, monitoring and vehicle diagnostics. 

Gowin’s IP core generator allows developers to easily integrate common IP cores used for many automotive use cases.