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Accelerate Customers Innovation

Smart, Connected and Green! Industry 4.0 requires machines to be intelligent, connected and energy saving.  Our low power, embedded DDR/SDRAM and high performance DSP , GOWIN FPGA enables industrial manufacturers from industrial display, machine vision to factory automation systems, to deliver the cost-effective and low power consumption devices to the competitive industrial market.  GOWIN’s commitment to quality and long product life cycle demonstrates our partnership with industrial marketplace.

PLC/ Motor/ Motion Control
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Industrial Automation and Networking
Industrial network, aka industrial field bus, is an industrial data bus that has developed rapidly in recent years It mainly solves the problems of digital communication among intelligent instruments, controllers, actuators and other field devices in industrial field, and the information transmission between these field control devices and advanced control systems. Due to the conflict of interests of countries or organizations, although the International Electrotechnical Commission/International Standards Association began to develop fieldbus standards as early as 1984, the standard has not yet been unified. There are currently about forty fieldbus standards, such as: ProfiBus, FieldBusFoundation, EtherCAT, CAN, HART, etc.
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