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Accelerate Customers Innovation

Connected to the Future.  From Gbps Ethernet to 5G, GOWIN offers full product portfolio of low power, high-speed interface and small footprint FPGA to meet communication equipment makers’ demand on time-to-market and reduce total cost of ownership.


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Wired Communication
With the explosive development of many bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications. Nowadays, users' demand for bandwidth has increased substantially. This also provides huge business opportunities for service providers to solve quickly to support huger and larger traffic demands such as voice, video, and data. Continuous innovation is needed in the areas of access, transmission and network equipment to aggregate, transmit and deliver 5G traffic. These innovative technologies require a flexible platform that can quickly provide solutions for deep packet processing, switching, and flow control management. At the same time, it must be compatible with the established low-cost migration path and reuse the original designed IP accumulation. FPGA is the best choice. Gowin Semiconductor GW5AT has rich logic resources, supports up to 12 channels of 6.8Gbps Serdes, PCI-E (2.5G/5G) hard core, XAUI/SDI/CPRI high-speed protocol, and will also play its role in the communications industry.
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Wireless Communication
With the evolution of wireless standards, the complexity of base stations has also increased greatly. FPGAs are also constantly changing, and their performance and logic density have greatly increased. But what remains unchanged is that the key modules of digital radio are still digital up-conversion (DUC), digital down-conversion (DDC), crest attenuation factor, and digital predistortion (DPD). Gowin Semiconductor's GW5AT FPGA devices provide a flexible, cost-effective, and scalable platform for digital radio. New requirements and design revisions can be quickly adopted, and the flexibility of FPGAs allows engineers to quickly modify designs, thereby accelerating time to market.
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