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HyperBus ™ / PSRAM Memory Interface Solution

HyperBus is a high-performance memory interface which offers:

• Low signal count (Address, Command, and Data using only eight DQ pins)

• High Bandwidth performance

• Low Power consumption

• User-friendly protocol


HyperBus currently interfaces to the HyperRAM TM and HyperFlash TM memories with maximum performance (up to 333 MBytes/s). Designed for reliable while being compactness, these memories are great for mobile and automotive applications.



• Low FPGA Fabric resource utilization

• Supports Burst Mode for Read/Write transfers

• Operating Frequency up to 166 MHz (max 333 MBytes/s) with only 12 x IO pins (CS, Clk/Clk_n, DQS, DQ[7:0])

• 16 bit Slave Data Interface with Burst (and wrap) support

• 16 bit Slave Register Interface to access HyperRAM memory registers

• Burst Wrap mode support

• Configurable IP options

• SCF Timing Constraints.

• Dual-die memories supported


Self Photos / Files - hyberbus block 1


Memories Supported:

Winbond PSRAM


Cypress S27KL/S0641 - 64Mb

Cypress S70KL/S1281 - 128Mb


Self Photos / Files - HB block


Self Photos / Files - pic2