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GOWIN Semiconductor now offers a solution of implementing configurable RISC-V IP in GW-2A FPGA. Here, the configurable RISC-V IP Core and System is a 32-bit RISC-V Microprocessor & Peripheral System with the following list of Architecture Structure and feature set:  



 The GOWIN Development Platform combines the RISC-V Microprocessor SW design flow and FPGA HW Design flow as a fully integrated single toolchain consisting of all GOWIN device model libraries and software driver libraries needed to program the GW2A-18/55 FPGA hosting with the configurable RISC-V & System Peripheral. The platform supports Application software compiling, linking, in-circuit-emulation/debugging on behalf of the embedded RISC-V microprocessor as well as synthesis and place & route of the FPGA design embedded with the RISC-V & System Soft IP.


A Development Board is also available to be used in conjunction with the

GOWIN programming tools for implementing RISC-V Microprocessor & Peripherals System in FPGA-SoC Design.

RISC-V for GW2A Release – Software Package and Documentation:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Download GOWIN EDA (Registration is required)
  3. Choose Windows or Linux
  4. Download Two Software Packages a. Download the Gowin_YunYuan_V1.8.1.01Beta(_win or _linux) or later b. Under “RISC V for GW2A Release Package”, click on the Dropbox link and download RISC-V for GW2A Release Package.
  5. Go to and Click on “Apply License” for the GOWIN EDA FPGA Design License.
  6. Go to and fill out form. Under “Enquiry” type “Request for AndeSight RDS for GOWIN SW Tool Chain License”


Click the image to watch the video and learn more!

Documents Download
Agreement License_Agreement Download
Software RISC-V script Download
User Guide Gowin RiscV N25 User Manual Download
User Guide Gowin FPGA Quick Start Guide of RISCV Programming Download
Release Note Gowin RiscV N25 Release Note Download
Refdesign Gowin RiscV AE250 Refdesign Download
Redesign Gowin RTOS Download
Development Tool Gowin RiscV AE350 SOC Download
Development Tool Gowin RiscV AE350 RDS IDE