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Gowin I3C Solution

I3C is a new generation two-wire serial bus interface developed by MIPI Alliance Sensor Working Group and collaborated by industry-wide sensor chip makers, IP companies and Top-Tier ODMs in mobile and embedded markets. I3C is targeted to be a fundamental interface for mobile, embedded system and IoT applications; it is an extension of former I2C standard and downward compatible. GOWIN Semiconductor Corp, a member of MIPI Alliance, offers the GWI3C IP solution, which is fully compliant with MIPI Alliance’s I3C standard. The IP can be dynamically configured to be I3C Master or I3C Slave, implemented within GW1N family FPGA, for communicating seamlessly with any other devices compliant with MIPI Alliance SWG I3C and I2C standard.


Gowin I3C solution Demo


 For more information on Gowin I3C solution, please viist Gowin I3C solution page.