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GoAI 2.0

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GoAI 2.0 is a machine learning development platform to deploy CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) on GOWIN FPGAs. It includes software scripts nedded to convert TensorFlow files and accelerator FPGA IP to run trained machine learning models as well as tutorials and examples.

GoAI 2.0 is integrated into the TensorFlow and TensorFlow Lite framework providing superior ease of use over legacy and alternative platforms.

GoAI 2.0 extends upon TensorFlow's extensive software development environment by generating all the necessary firmware to deploy a machine learning model directly onto GOWIN FPGAs without writing any additional RTL or C code. Windows and Linux including Ubuntu are fully supported.



GoAI Development Kits


How to train a model on Google Cloud Platform


How to generate a flatbuffers (*.tflite) file in Google Colab


How to generate FPGA/MCU Firmware files from a flatbuffers (*.tflite) file


How to run SDK and deploy onto GoAI Development Board


Camera Input Designs for Object Detection

  FPGA and MCU Firmware Files:

  Coefficient Files:



HDMI/DVI Input Designs for Object detection

  FPGA and MCU Firmware Files:

  Coefficient Files:



Audio Input Designs for Speech and Sound Detection

  FPGA and MCU Firmware Files:



Accelerometer for Gesture and Movement Detection [Coming Soon]

  FPGA and MCU Firmware Files:

  Coefficient Files:



Data Input Prediction

  FPGA and MCU Firmware Files:


Useful Links

Documents Download
- GoAI 2.0 Quick Start Guide Download