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HDMI receiver and transmitter interfaces are now available and included in GOWIN EDA targeting both Littlebee and Arora FPGA product families.  Reference designs such as HDMI to LVDS are also available for resolutions up to 1080p providing significant BOM cost reductions to alternative ASIC interfacing solutions.  Human machine interfaces, video recorders interactive kiosks and automotive display consoles all benefit by using this very low cost and very scalable HDMI solution.

GOWIN provides multiple ways to create low cost solutions with integrated HDMI interfaces.  The HDMI IP itself is highly optimized and uses less than 1K FPGA look-up tables.  Additionally, GOWIN devices have 1:10 bit serializers and deserializers making this HDMI interfacing solution very scalable across all GOWIN product families.  Additionally, the HDMI interface IP can be combined with other GOWIN video interfacing IPs such as LVDS, MIPI DSI, and MIPI DPI to create low cost interface bridging or video SoC solutions.

Many developers find additional ways to reduce BOM cost when using the GOWIN HDMI RX and TX IPs.  The I2C EEPROM used for the HDMI EDID side band channel can be integrated into the FPGA design itself reducing the need for external components.  Microprocessors used on previous generation products can also be integrated within the FPGA.  Video overlays, graphics or embedded vision designs can also be integrated and leveraged to utilize incoming or outgoing HDMI interface data.  As a result, developers can scale the GOWIN FPGA chosen based on how much integration of components makes sense for their HDMI application. 

To access GOWIN HDMI RX or TX IP’s, please download GOWIN EDA v1.9.5.02 or later here: