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HMI/Industrial Display

Highest Integrated of the industry – HMI on one chip!

GOWIN LittleBeeTM Family GW1NR FPGA provides the highest integration for HMI and industrial display applications, realizes perfect solution of HMI on single chip in the programmable logic industry.


  • Highest integrated : GW1NR is the first non-volatile, instant-on FPGA with embedded 64Mbs SDRAM in the programmable logic industry, further reduces the external components and provides the most cost effective solution for industrial display boards. 
  • High IO counts in small footprint : up to 90 user IO in QFN88 package
  • Abundant resources : integrated user flash and high performance DSP
  • Low power and High performance : Based on 55nm LP process.; LVDS Up to 1Gbps data rate
  • Complete Solution : GOWINTM LVDS GearBox IP, SDRAM Controller IP, High Speed DDR Interface IP, development board complete solution to accelerate your innovation.
  • More Options : GW1N family provides more logic density option in even smaller form factor.


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Block Diagram

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- LittleBeeTM product family

- DK-ENTRY-GW1N4 development board

- IP and Reference Design