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  Title Category Doc No. Version Released Format
Gowin SDIO Slave Controller RefDesign RefDesign 19/11/2019
Gowin® EDA_V1.9.2.02Beta_linux Software V1.9.2.02E 14/11/2019
Gowin® EDA Software Release Note ( Release Note RN100 V1.9.2.02E 14/11/2019 PDF
Gowin® EDA_V1.9.2.02 Beta_win Software V1.9.2.02E 14/11/2019
GOWIN MCU Designer Software 0.9.2BetaE 14/11/2019
GOWIN MCU Designer User Guide User Guide SUG549 1.2E 14/11/2019 PDF
White Paper of Wireless Edge Connectivity with Bluetooth Integrated FPGAs WP894 1.0E 12/11/2019 PDF
GW1NRF series of Bluetooth FPGA Products Package and Pinout User Guide User Guide UG893 1.0E 12/11/2019 PDF
GW1NRF-4B Pinout (Excel) Pinout UG892 1.0E 12/11/2019 XLSX
GW1NRF-4B Pinout Pinout UG892 1.0E 12/11/2019 PDF
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