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  Title Category Doc No. Version Released Format
Gowin LVDS7_1 LCD Driver Controller Reference Design User Guide User Guide TN657 1.0E 19/06/2019 PDF
EVAL-pSRAM-GW1NR4_schematic 11/06/2019 PDF
DK-START-GW1NZ1_schematic 11/06/2019 PDF
DK-START-GW2A18_schematic 11/06/2019 PDF
GW1N-1S Pinout UG167 (xlsx) 1.0E 06/06/2019 XLSX
GW1N-1S Pinout UG167 (PDF) 1.0E 06/06/2019 PDF
GW1N(R) series FPGA Products Schematic Manual Modules User Guide UG284 1.7E 06/06/2019 PDF
GW2A series FPGA Products Package and Pinout Pinout and Package UG111 1.1E 06/06/2019 PDF
GW1N series FPGA Products Package & Pinout User Guide Pinout and Package UG103 1.4E 06/06/2019 PDF
Gowin® EDA Software User Guide User Guide SUG100 1.7E 06/06/2019 PDF
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