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  Title Category Doc No. Version Released Format
GOWIN MCU Designer Software 0.9.1BetaE 17/09/2019
GOWIN MCU Designer User Guide User Guide SUG549 1.0E 17/09/2019 PDF
GoAI Acceleration IP User Guide User Guide IPUG952 1.0E 16/09/2019 PDF
GoAI Model Training and Environment Deployment Guide User Guide UG950 1.0E 16/09/2019 PDF
White Paper of Full Stack Artificial Intelligence Development for Edge Devices using GoAI White Paper WP951 1.0E 16/09/2019 PDF
DK-START-GW2AR18 User Guide User Guide DBUG359 1.1E 13/09/2019 PDF
GOWIN_FPGA_SCH_SYMBOL Schematic 12/09/2019
Gowin EMPU Software 1.2.1E 05/09/2019 ZIP
Gowin EMPU_M1 Software 1.2E 03/09/2019
Gowin_EMPU_M1 Software and Hardware Reference Design Release Note Reference Manual RN537 1.2E 03/09/2019 PDF
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